7 Podcasts We're Listening To Right Now

If the magazine era of the early 00’s had to assume a new form, we’re pretty confident saying that the humble podcast has taken the reins as the go-to medium for our content consumption.

Whether you’re a total crime junkie, pop culture obsessed or you get around all things business and career tips, there’s a little something for everyone.

Here at the VG office, we’re always gushing to each other over the latest podcasts we’re listening to - so we thought we’d wrap up a few of our faves and share them with you! 

Here’s the line up of must-listens for your next car ride or morning walk. Enjoy!




Crime Junkie
I love true crime stories & Crime Junkie has hundreds of stories from around the world in relation to missing people, mysteries & solved crimes.

Crime Junkie


My Millennial Career - so good for career/business-related tips. They cover everything from how to prepare for an interview to how to approach asking for a pay rise. They also interview some really interesting people. 

My Millennial Career


Saving Grace 
Outrageously wild stories from one of Tiktoks best - GKBarry. The type of podcast you have to pause because you're laughing too hard. 

Saving Grace


The Cutting Room Floor
Designer Recho Omondi chats to others in the fashion industry about what they do and what their experience in the industry has been like. It's always so interesting to hear different people's perspectives and what they have experienced to get to their current position. 

The Cutting Room Floor


After Work Drinks
Two female journalists from Australia/New Zealand and living in London talk candidly about topical subjects ei. fashion, pop culture, mental health, and newsy stuff! What I love about this podcast is you can really tell they are good friends and they definitely let you in on what's happening in their life! It feels super personal!

After Work Drinks


SmartLess - by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes
If you're after a good laugh I definitely recommend SmartLess! Jason, Will and Sean have been best friends for years and chat to a variety of celebrity guests and each week the guest is a surprise to two of the hosts. Some episodes I loved were "Jennifer Aniston", "Will Ferrell" and "Judd Apatow".



It’s all in the tagline! Pop culture podcast for smart people who love dumb stuff. Mich & Zara are two Melbourne writers who analyse the latest in pop culture and deep dive into the celeb scandals of the past. If you haven’t listened to this pod before - you have to!Shameless

Tell us what podcasts you've been listening to at the moment :) 


  • Stephanie I on

    I’ve been rotating between three at the moment: Morbid Podcast (true crime with two sisters who give the best banter) Sounds Like A Cult (really interesting takes on cults that exist from Trader Joe’s to Elon Musk stans – they’re cults!) and The Viall Files (former Bachelor star dishes tea on the latest Bachelor/ette episodes and answers callers ~ love ~ questions

  • Bailey & Sarah on

    Hey, Guys!

    We love these podcasts, too.

    If you’re looking for another one, why don’t you try What’s That Off Again? It’s on Spotify, Apple and Google and it’s about all those delicious movies and tv shows that you can’t stop quoting.

    We discuss their culturally iconic status whilst, usually, getting tipsy.

    We’d love if you gave it a go!

    Bailey and Sarah

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