How She Moves: A New Chapter For VRG GRL 
How She Moves is for the modern muse making strides.
It’s the first step of many in our journey towards a more sustainable future for VRG GRL.
It’s a collection for the confident and curious. It’s for the woman in search of relentless freedom, forever changing with the world around her.
This collection is for the woman who moves. 
Cupro Moodboard
Featuring 8 versatile silhouettes in a variety of earthy tones, we’ve purposely made this collection to stand the test of time in your wardrobe.
The range is created primarily from Cupro and Viscose which are regenerated, cellulose fibers. Cupro is also made from the by-product of cotton production, which means we’re using resources from the earth that would have otherwise been tossed away.
Both of these fabrics are 100% plant-based; so the garments will biodegrade and disintegrate over time rather than sticking around for thousands of years.
Cupro Products
As we bring this collection to fruition, we’ll be pairing it with much needed and exciting change.
Starting this year, VRG GRL will be transitioning to an in-house-design led business model; giving us greater control and transparency over our supply chain and leveraging our ability to produce with greater nuance. 
The outcome? We’ll be able to focus on bringing you only the most coveted, considered styles, created with purpose and built to last; reducing both pre and post-consumer waste. We’ll also have greater oversight in where your clothes are made, how they’re made and who’s making them.
So while you’ll no longer see the weekly drops of hundreds of products on the VRG GRL site, we promise that by creating less and doing more; the package arriving at your doorstep will have greater value and the clothes will feel even better when you put them on.
 Meet the team!
We’ve always set out with the intention to make you feel good in what you wear. Which is why we’re thrilled to be adding a whole new meaning to this, and transforming the value of the clothes we make so you can feel good in every sense.
While we’re a long way from perfect, we’re excited to be taking the first of many steps in our sustainability journey; and we’re grateful for your support as we navigate this new and exciting future for VRG GRL.
Love, Daniella & Natalia

  • Lucinda Heays on

    This is amazing! Great to see the move into a more environmentally conscious direction xx

  • Lilly Williams on

    I love this and it makes me even more excited to buy your products. Xo from the US

  • Kristin Dantagnan on

    Wow…this is great news. I love clothes and I love fashion. Finding pieces that will endure the test of time in a closet is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow. I look forward to seeing what is next!

  • Beth Anne Mandia on

    Sustainability is one of the reasons I’ve never purchased your clothing before. I don’t believe in the concept of “fast fashion” but I love your designs. I’m so excited that you have made a commitment to a more eco friendly process, packaging and more control over your production. WELL DONE!

  • Corrina on

    Thank you so much for doing this! Ethical consumption is so important to me and seeing a brand as influential as yours take steps to promote slow fashion is so encouraging. I’d love to hear more about working conditions and how garment makers are being taken care of x

  • Dani on

    I love VrgGirl and this message makes me so happy!!!! What an amazing step this company is taking! Proud to be a VrgGirl🤗❤️

  • Nina on

    I have been WAITING for this to happen this is such a great move.

    Please please please be more inclusive with your sizes and supply women who are between a normal size and a PLus size.

    It’s hard enough to find brands that do either normal size or plus size but it is so hard to find that in between zone.

    Hope this comment reaches the right person.

    Can’t wait.

  • Tash on

    This is amazing, I love your designs but I can’t keep up with them – Its hard to make a conscious choice to pick pieces that I’ll be able to wear for many seasons to come so I am looking forward to this new collection and picking some staple pieces to add to my collection!

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