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While most wardrobes are used for functional purposes only, fashion enthusiasts tend to take their wardrobes a bit more seriously. For some of us (we’re guessing you might be the same), a wardrobe is what houses so many of our most-treasured items, vintage one-of-a-kind pieces we’ve collected from our travels and those items that we just can’t seem to get rid of. 

Naturally, we’re always curious to peak inside the wardrobes of our favourite fashion icons. VG founder, Daniella, recently opened up her wardrobe to share her most adored pieces with us! 


Vintage Tees

"An absolute must in my wardrobe is a classic vintage tee. These are a few of my faves I always come back to."


Leopard Shirt

"I love a classic button-up shirt and this silk vintage leopard print piece is one of a kind."



"These OG VRG GRL jeans are such a staple for me. I’ve worn them to death and continue to pull them out every year."


Artist Pieces

"A to-die-for shirt & dress from one of our VG Artist Range. This is such a summer essential for me!"


Yellow Mules

"A colourful pair of shoes is a wardrobe staple and these Gucci mules have to be my favourites. I love how bright and fresh they feel with any outfit!"


Chanel Beaded Mules

"Chanel Beaded mules I received as a Birthday gift - these are so timeless and can be worn with any outfit."


Your Muse

"Sneakers are essential! These are the ones I always have on rotation."



"I am forever swapping between these two bags - my Dior Saddle Bag and Chanel!"


  • Debbie Gibson on

    Absolutely loved this piece! Thank you for sharing.

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