Local Loves: The Flower Bar Co.

Meet Brooke, the visionary behind The Flower Bar Co., and leader in the Northern Rivers floristry landscape. In light of our recent collab, where we brought VRG GRL IRL (in real life) to take over the Flower Bar Co.'s floral wrap for a weekend, we sat down with the artisan and founder behind Bangalow's favourite florist to get to know their origin story.

Q: What inspired you to become a florist? Can you share the origin of The Flower Bar Co.? 

A: The beauty of it all! I am incredibly energised by working with nature, it really is a dream to be surrounded by flowers every day. I am constantly inspired by the ever-changing beauty of flowers, the seasonality and evolution of mother nature; the waxing and waning of different flower varieties through the seasons is immensely beautiful and absolutely awe inspiring.

Our brand was born by a desire to showcase this beauty. We wanted to bring together the best elements of contemporary floral design and the abundance and beauty of mother nature in a marriage that would really do justice to our craft. We’ve managed to achieve this in our beautiful Victorian era heritage listed bank building here in Bangalow.
Q: When you aren’t in the studio, how do you like to spend your time? 

  A: I love spending as much time as I can with my beautiful family and friends on the weekends. I’m design obsessed, so I spend a lot of time in nature and with my head in books and magazines for inspiration. I also practice yoga and attend pilates a couple of times each week for balance.

Q: What keeps you motivated as a business owner?

A: Goals! I always have goals - both near term and long term. As a business owner you’re always getting roped into the “urgent” things, but I try to also focus on the “important” things (i.e. the bigger picture). As we’ve grown, I’ve been able to spend more time on the bigger picture and future growth and that’s super motivating. We are also big on celebrating our wins here at TFBC and foster a really happy, positive culture within the team which keeps us all motivated and inspired.

Q: As The Flower Bar Co. continues to go from strength to strength, are there any exciting plans in the works?

A: Yes! Growth! Gold Coast here we come! We can’t share too much just yet but GC we are headed for you!

Q: The Flower Bar Co. is based in the cool and quaint town of Bangalow - what are your favourite things to see and do in the area? 

A: Having a wine with the girls at You Beauty would have to be up there! It’s a beautiful little wine bar just down the street from us. It’s also hard to beat a dumpling date with my daughter at Red Ginger, and of course we love to watch the ocean and the rolling green hills of the hinterland - there are many vantage points around Bangalow, Coorabell and Coopers Shoot that we cherish.
Q: How would you describe your personal fashion style? 

A: I would describe my fashion style as understated, simplistic, effortless. Dressing for a day immersed in flowers for me looks like a pair of tailored or vintage jeans, paired with usually a white or black tee, and a simple pearl or gold hoop earring. Outside of the studio I can be less practical, and this is where I introduce colour and different fabrics. I have learnt the hard way not to wear pieces I love to work! It’s a messy job behind the scenes!
Q: What does a collaboration with VRG GRL mean to you?

A: Flowers and fashion both appeal to people who have a passion for beauty on a foundational level. We’re speaking the same language and celebrating creativity and beauty through different mediums. We’re both Australian brands led by women passionate about our customers and their experiences with our products, so it’s super exciting to be collaborating with this iconic brand.
Q: What’s your most popular floral arrangement and why? 

A: Our SOIREE design is our most popular design by far! She’s vivacious, bright and playful and this is really what our clients are drawn to time and time again, and recipient’s lucky enough to receive her are always blown away by the colour composition and unique varieties used in the design. SOIRÉE. was inspired by crisp pink-edged sunrises; long summer afternoons and balmy evenings, spent with friends in the glow of a still sunset. It’s no wonder it’s a crowd pleaser.


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