If watching Emma Chamberlain’s home tour with AD has sent you into a frantic internet spiral, searching for decor to spruce up your apartment - trust us, you’re not alone. 

Her mid-century modern abode is what all of our dreams are made of, and since the video was posted, we’ve been on an internet deep dive to find pieces that are equally cool as they are personal, as inspired by Emma.

It’s true that picking art for your home is by far the hardest of any interior decor choices. And while we’d all love to have a talented parent like Emma’s dad who could paint us something entirely personalised, sadly that’s not always the case. Nevertheless, thanks to the pandemic surging online shopping, there’s never been a time in history where we’ve had so much access to art - and with more choices comes greater ability to pick something unique, personal and totally you.

As such, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best artists you should definitely check out for pieces that will make your house feel like a home.



Studio Sogni

“Studio Sogni was born from daydreams of endless summers in Italy, of sun drenched afternoons, sieste, and aperol in the piazza under the full moon.”



Emma Gale

“My work celebrates a huge love for colour, shape and texture . My work is layers and layers of paint, mark makings are all part of the visual landscape of my canvas, the history of the art process.”



Daniella Jones

Daniella Jones is from 95', a change of millenniums’s child. She has her roots in the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen and lives between there and her favourite city, Barcelona where she paints her craft.



Sammy Veall

Sammy’s practice celebrates the intersection between the familiar and the sublime. Elevating the ordinary and the imperfect, her subjects are complex and free. Using an optimistic palette, she evokes nostalgia for travel and the mystique of faraway lands.



Heath Wae

Heath Wae is a Melbourne-born, Mullumbimby based artist whose practice traverses painting, sculpture and installation. Wae creates immersive, poignant works which explore psychological and physiological shifts in the human consciousness through ideas of interconnection, duality and timelessness.



Libby Haines

Originally from Sale, Gippsland, artist Libby Haines swapped the country for Melbourne, where she works from her home studio. As a mother and an artist, her work cherishes the joy of everyday moments and the nostalgia of objects in colourful still life paintings.



Hannah Carrick

Carrick gained her independence early in life, having left home at the age of 16. This challenging path into womanhood has been reflected in her works, from simple, fluid lines on canvas representing the female form, to bold, powerful women embracing their sexuality, beauty and confidence.



Who are your favourite artists?

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