We’re big fans of vintage shopping at VRG GRL. Mixing preloved, one-of-a-kind pieces with our latest collections is our favourite way to experiment with style. 


Shopping vintage is not only the best way to find unique pieces you won’t get anywhere else, but it’s also great for the environment and promoting circular fashion through mitigating textile waste.


While we can’t call ourselves experts, we think the team at VRG GRL are pretty well-seasoned in the art of scoring a vintage find, so we’ve combined some of our top tips for vintage shopping (and a few of our favourite spots around the world) for you to enjoy!



TIP 1:

Get in the right frame of mind!

Prep for a day of vintage shopping by spending the morning at your fave coffee spot, scrolling through pinterest for style inspo. That way you’ll get a vibe for exactly what you’re wanting to find. 


TIP 2:

Always start in the area of the store where you’re most likely to love a piece.

It might be the shirt section, silky slips or vintage tee area - whatever’s your style, start here first. You’re guaranteed to find something you like and you’ll be able to focus more as you look further into the store, knowing you’ve already checked out your favourite area! 


TIP 3:

Don't be afraid to alter & repurpose

If you find an item that you love but it doesn't quite fit, or the style doesn’t quite suit you, consider whether it can be altered or repurposed into something else!  


TIP 4:

Prioritise prints & fabrics over silhouettes

Go straight for the prints and colours you love and avoid fabrics that are itchy or poor quality. You can always change the silhouette, but you can’t change the print or fabric. This will save you building up pieces in your wardrobe that you just never wear! 


TIP 5:

Ignore brand names and sizes!

The best vintage finds are usually from a brand you don’t recognise in a size that doesn’t make sense! Keep in mind while you shop that vintage sizes are different to modern day sizing, and most stores are filled with pieces from around the world. 



TIP 6:

Make sure to check out the accessories section

The best shoes, bags and scarfs are found in vintage stores and are often overlooked! Keep an eye out for these as you’re guaranteed to find a gem. Don’t forget to keep an open mind when looking through the scarfs - these can be repurposed as tops or a cute head band.


TIP 7:

Whenever you’re travelling, research when the markets are on and where to go!

The most incredible vintage finds are often discovered in small country towns. Whenever you’re on the road travelling, make sure to look up local market times and retro stores in the area - there are so many hidden gems in these spots!

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