Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, self-taught Artist Emma Rushton, leans into nature and her surroundings to create wildly captivating and textured art pieces. Following her intuitive process, Emma’s paintings sparked the attention of VRG GRL's Creative Director, Natalia, who immediately followed Emma’s Instagram page and reached out. 

The opportunity to collaborate with like-minded, creative talent is always a thrill for us. We seek to transform the work of those we love and leverage our in-house design model to create unique wardrobe additions. 

On that note, we’re so excited to share our latest artist range in collaboration with Emma Rushton. As we pay homage to nature in organic patterns and abstract form, the collection boasts a range of considered fabrics and intricately crafted hand-painted designs. 

In light of the collaboration, we had the privilege of picking Emma’s brain and unpacking all things VRG GRL x Emma Rushton. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the collection and discover the limited edition pieces.

 What was the inspiration behind the artwork for this collection?

Whilst creating the artworks for this collection, my primary aim was to craft intricately textured pieces on canvas, aspiring to evoke a similar tactile experience when translated onto clothing. 

My initial inspiration for these pieces was gained from the aloe vera plant. I was captivated by its intricate yet wild form and the rich colours throughout. Whilst observing the plant I broke down specific details that stood out to me, and then reinterpreted the plant's essence through various abstract forms. This journey was driven by an appreciation for the humble, yet powerful plant that the aloe vera is.

When did you first know you wanted to become an artist?

I don’t think I had a specific realisation that I wanted to become an artist. It's all been a gradual journey of discovering my love and intrigue for art over time. Art is something that I've always been drawn to, it's a channel where I can freely express my emotions. I get totally absorbed in the whole creative process and honestly I'm yet to find a feeling better than this!!


When you aren’t in the studio, how do you spend your time?

Besides painting, one of my favourite things to do is Bushwalk, so I tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. But also spending time with family, friends and dog Haz. Also enjoying quiet moments at home with a good book and music!

 Tell us a little bit about your creative process? Do other forms of art, such as music or books etc, motivate you or shape your creative approach?

My creative process is constantly evolving, so it's difficult to narrow down. I’m constantly being inspired by all areas of life and I find so much excitement in learning and observing from my surroundings. 

Music plays a huge part in my creation process. Its emotive power totally influences the mood and energy of my work. And I find it interesting to notice all the subconscious choices made once a work is complete. 

When creating a painting I believe in an approach that is fluid and allows for spontaneity. It keeps things exciting!


Do you have a particular artwork that holds a special place in your heart, if so, what is it?

Honestly not really! My work holds an equal place in my heart. Each piece represents a unique moment, emotion or perspective. Whilst there certainly are aspects that I have grown to dislike in some pieces, I approach them with gratitude. Collectively they form a mosaic of different moments in time, allowing me to appreciate and be reminded of the diverse moments they reflect.


VRG GRL is all about expressing individuality through the pieces we love and how we wear them, how would you describe your personal style?

I would say my personal style is pretty simple. I value simplicity and functionality within my wardrobe. But I also love interesting fabric and trying to incorporate textural elements within my outfits.

 How do you navigate challenges like creative blocks in your artistic journey, are there any strategies you employ to reignite your inspiration?

For me the biggest one is just accepting and surrendering to the ebb and flow of creativity, accepting that moments of pause often lead to bursts of inspiration. This has definitely been a big learning curb for me, but I have come to find that the best inspiration flows your way when you don’t search for it.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to establish themselves in the art world?

As an aspiring artist myself, I feel extremely under qualified to answer this!! But I would say focus on exploring your practice with a curious and open manner always  - learn about what makes you tick creatively, open yourself to different styles and techniques. And just trust and love the process of artistic growth.


How do you envision the future of your artistic career and the direction it might take?

I’m open to any direction it goes in! At the moment I would love it to continue to evolve in a way that allows me to experiment with new ideas and techniques. I would love to collaborate with another artist, I think collaborating with an artist of a different medium would be pretty cool!


What does a collaboration with VRG GRL mean to you?

This collaboration means a lot to me! I’ve had so much fun creating the artwork for these pieces, and feel very grateful to have been able to work with a brand that I am a massive fan of.


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