The directors of Verge Girl, Daniella & Natalia have always had warm hearts for people in need. It is a priority of theirs to give, and to understand that we are so lucky and blessed to live in a developed country.

To all our beautiful customers, we are so thankful for your support and for shopping with us. We want you to know that a portion of what you spend goes towards different charities.

For the next three months we will be supporting Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships is a charity that have hospital ships in developing nations. They supply free health care services to those who don’t have the access to safe surgical and medical treatment.

“Mercy Ships and it’s volunteers treat life-threatening tumours, cleft lip and palate repairs, plastic reconstruction for severe burn-related injuries, hernia repairs, cataract removal, correction for orthopaedic deformities (club foot, bowed legs and other severe abnormalities), obstetric fistula repair and dental care.”


"On behalf of the thousands who will receive hope and healing on board our hospital ship, thank you for supporting Mercy Ships Australia.
The need is overwhelming. Nearly half of Africa's population has little to no access to a hospital or doctor. More than 6 million children die each year from preventable causes. It's heartbreaking. But together we can do something about it. We can impact even more lives through the work of Mercy Ships."
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