As an opportunity to flex our creative muscles and get together for a bit of team bonding, VRG GRL HQ recently held a DIY night where we learnt how to make the chunky crochet bag of our dreams. The art of crocheting is one we’re still not sure all of us have entirely mastered, but it was loads of fun to give it a crack!

We’ve put together some snaps from our night filled with pizza, natural wine and loads of yarn (the chit chat kind too). Plus, some of the more experienced crochet-enthusiasts on our team have whipped together a how-to-guide so you can DIY along at home! We can’t wait to see your bag.

Our crocheting materials in all their glory, ready to get started!

We are so obsessed with this gorgeous yellow colour!

The beginnings of our creation, some of us showed a little more flair than others.

Our Design and production assistant, Kate, working on crocheting the base of her bag.

A quick wine break of course! All this hard work calls for, ordering pizzas from our favourite local brewery just down the road.

Learning about the next steps for our creation. Here, we’re discussing how to start building up the sides of the bag.

 The cutest set up - we always have magazines lying around the office for inspiration!


Progress shot!


Working on the final stage, the straps!


All finished! Here is how the final product looks!

Want to make your own? Here’s your step by step guide on how to make the ultimate chunky, crochet bag.

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