About Us

VRG GRL is a glimpse into the minds of its creators. We feel through
creativity and speak through colour. Behind our pieces you will find
thoughtful silhouettes designed to fit with ease, hand painted prints
and fabrics you'll want to live in. We are passionate about inspiring
women to find their style and feel confident. Our clothing is our second skin and we see the importance of being a brand that allows people to express who they are, through what they wear.

All VRG GRL’s products are 100% exclusive to VRG GRL. Our design team has carefully considered and meticulously crafted each and every one of our products, making all VRG GRL pieces one of a kind.

Daniella & Natalia

Our Mission

Inspire creativity and confidence through style.


  • Inspiring creativity & style

  • never compromise on quality

  • Be Kind & Help each other

  • Be Free. Be Cool. Be You.

  • Give Back and help those in need


Our collective mission is to inspire creativity & confidence, empowering young women everywhere to feel like the best version of themselves. As a business, we recognise the role we play in the fashion economy and understand there is work to be done to make a conscious impact on our planet and wider community.

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have the resources and power to make a positive change; and the ability to commit to ongoing change as we learn and discover new things.


Giving Back 10%

Since VRG GRL started, our founders Daniella & Natalia have made it their priority to give back and support people in need. We’ve been donating 10% of our profits to causes we love since our inception, and we’re proud to continue doing this in 2024 and beyond.

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