How do I join Club Monterosso?
If you have a VRG GRL account, you are already in! If not, you can create one here and Join Club Monterosso Now.
How do I know how many points I have?
Your points can be viewed on your Account Page or on our Rewards Page. If you are eligible to redeem your points for a reward this will available to view at checkout.
I can’t see the points from my recent purchase in my account. Where are they?
Your points will be available in your account 30 days after you’ve made a purchase. Please note, you will not be eligible to receive points for any items that have been returned within 30 days of purchase.
Do my previous orders count for points?
Club Monterosso points aren’t available to be claimed from orders prior to the launch of the rewards program. However, your tier status will factor in your annual spend. From the launch of Club Monterosso, each customer will start with 50 points in their account.
What are the perks?
The perks vary between each tier. We recommend checking out the different perks for each tier on our Rewards Page.
Is there a minimum spend for using my rewards?
There is no minimum spend! You are able to use your rewards on the subtotal of any order you place.
How do I earn points?
You earn points each time you shop with us! You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar you spend, and earn bonus points on your birthday. As you move through the tiers, you’ll unlock new ways to earn rewards.
Can I return orders I use Club Monterosso exclusive promotions on?
Orders using a discount code are still eligible for a return, as long as the items are not from our Sale category. Click here to view our Returns Policy.
Is Club Monterosso worldwide?
Absolutely! Anyone can join the loyalty program & receive the Club Monterosso perks. Please note $ value is represented in AUD.
I received a code on the app, why can’t I see it online?
When you claim a loyalty reward on the VRG GRL app, the app generates a code for you that gets added to your cart automatically and will remain in your cart as an unclaimed offer. This won’t translate to the website as it will appear used, and you’ll need to continue your purchase with this code on the VRG GRL App!
Alternatively, you can copy the unique discount code to use on the website.