We love hosting a soiree with fresh aromatic blooms, a selection of our favourite bubbly drinks and a lavish spread sure to leave our friends and family feeling like their button may pop. 

As we fast approach the end of the year, we’re amongst the time of hosting friends and family at rapid speed. It’s around this time that we simultaneously all message each other “we need to catch up soon” and fill our calendars with hosting commitments. Whether you’re celebrating friendship, love, the warmer days or getting into the festive mood, we’ve got the perfect European inspired spread that’s sure to impress.


Entrees set the mood for the rest of the spread and these two options are some of our favs on rotation. Both are full of succulence and goodness sure to set the mood. We find a bright salad is a great way to incorporate colour into your table setting.


Despite these dishes appearing simple, they’re guaranteed wholesomeness that will keep all guests satisfied. Both recipes are perfect for feeding many mouths and they’re easy to prep and cook (thank us later!).


And for after dinner you cannot go wrong with this classic- Daniella’s Mum’s Tiramisu is the perfect round off to an impeccable and well balanced spread.
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