Chances are, you’re probably still recovering from a food coma and endless social affairs from the holiday season. So if the thought of diving back into work or studies is giving you week-long Sunday scaries, believe us that you aren’t alone!


Jumping back into routine after a break can be tough, but setting good habits and intentions can help make the process that little bit easier. We’ve collated a few of our top tips below to help you start the work year with a bang.



Starting a Diary/Calendar

Starting a daily diary or even just tracking your day-to-day in a calendar is such a good way of getting on top of your year and starting it off with a bang!  We love keeping it simple with sleek aesthetic diaries and beautiful calendars! You could also try including a little drawing of your day or something cool you saw, to get your creative juices flowing!



Meal Prepping

We think the theme for this year is going to be slowing down, reconnecting with ourselves and holding ourselves accountable, whilst building healthy habits! Meal prepping is a really easy way to do this because it also gives us the opportunity to be creative and personalise our food to ourselves! Sunday nights are perfect for meal prepping, because the shops are quiet and you can take the time to be slow and have fun with it. We love setting ourselves up for success in the week ahead by cooking healthy, nutritious and exciting meals!



New Outfits

Getting into the groove of a new year can often be a great opportunity to shake up your personal style. Making room in your wardrobe for new outfits can help skyrocket your confidence and set you up for success as you dive back into work/studies. Our latest drop includes so many versatile pieces that are perfect for styling your back to work ‘fits.



Better Sleep

We love sleep, and a big thing we’re wanting to work on over here is getting better, more restful sleep, so we can tackle our days! An idea to try is to start turning off your phone an hour before bedtime, and spending some quality time with a book. The ultimate sleep routine would be drinking some delicious sleepy time tea (we love this one by T2), having a bath and reading a book, before jumping into bed and having the best sleep of our lives, every night!


Social Media Detoxing

Social media can sometimes be A LOT, and it’s really important to recognise when we need a break!  We think it’s a great idea to give your mind and body a bit of a break from the scrolling, and to take some time off your phone.  We love a casual stroll down the beach, or a hike up a beautiful mountain to give ourselves a bit of a break, spending some unplugged time with friends and family is a great way to help yourself reset and refresh!

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